About Us

I could not imagine that a drug named physiological saline 20 ml written on a prescription delivered to our pharmacy on a night shift, would change my life. The saline physiological nasal drops prepared in pharmacies in the 1970s are now being prepared in dropping bottles. The nasal drops, a simple preparation, was really tiring for us and the patients. I asked myself, “Why such a product is not manufactured like other drops”. And then I said that “I will make such a product at first opportunity” and maybe I took my first step into the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacist Berat BERAN
Berko Pharmaceuticals Chairman of the Board


Berko Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1984 by Pharm. Berat Beran, who started his career in 1970s as a pharmacist, continues to produce and work for human health. Berko Pharmaceuticals, with the vision of “Being the first and only in the special path of its choice”, has brought innovative products to the service of medicine.

Serving with 140 products and nearly 800 employees, Berko Pharmaceuticals, manufactures for a healthy future. With 21,000 square meters of indoor space and 142 million boxes of annual production capacity, Berko Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Site operates at GMP standards and is registered by the FDA for supplementary food products. At Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Sites, where the production of pharmaceutical products licensed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and supplementary food preparations licensed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is carried out, services are also provided to the pharmaceutical industry in the field of contract manufacturing.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, a strong brand name in Turkey’s pharmaceutical market, is taking firm steps forward to become a global brand. Berko is actively exporting to 16 countries notably USA, Canada and South Korea.

Alongside the leaps in the field of export, Berko Pharmaceuticals, has been entitled to participate in the Turquality Brand Support Program implemented by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade to create Global Turkish Brands.

Berko Pharmaceuticals successfully concluded the “R&D Center” application and inspection processes made to the General Directorate of Science and Technology, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, in 2018 and received the “R&D Center” approval. Berko Pharmaceuticals serves the public health with up-to-date projects carried out in the accredited R&D Center.

Social responsibility being one of its priorities, Berko Pharmaceuticals, carries out projects with many foundations and non-governmental organizations. In addition to the major projects such as “Berko Children’s Theater”, “Welcome Baby” newborn unit visits, Berko Pharmaceuticals, contributes to the community by supporting the needs of the village schools and by providing scholarships to the needy students.