Berat Beran’s Inspiring Life Story published by Doğan Kitap now at Bookstores


Berat Beran’s Inspiring Life Story published by Doğan Kitap now at Bookstores

“Nenem, Babam ve Ben” (My Granny, Dad and Me), an inspirational autobiography together with the story of Berko Pharmaceuticals estasblishment written by the Pharmacist Berat Beran, is now available in all online bookstores and physical book shops being published by Doğan Kitap.

Pharmacist Berat Baran wrote his own life story in “Nenem, Babam ve Ben”, which was published by Doğan Kitap and released in July with a brand-new cover. Berko Pharmaceuticals Board of Directors Chairman Pharmacist Berat Beran, started his pharmacy adventure in Diyarbakır and as the result of his efforts in İstanbul for years, this adventure turned into a complete success in the pharmaceutical industry with the achievements of Berko Pharmaceuticals.

Berat Beran, having started professional life with zero capital after working as a pharmacist in a drugstore, established and achieved success with Berko Pharmaceuticals, which today has 127 products, nearly 800 employees, a three-phased production facility of 21,000 m2 producing for a healthy future. Berat Beran, having written his life story starting from zero to success, embraces his family and himself together with his experiences in sincerity and desires his struggle will serve as an inspiration for future generations.

Besides his success in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacist Berat Beran has proven to be strong author of humor with his book titled “Henek” and continued this success with his other book “Henek II”. He is also the author of the novel titled “Güle Güle Sevgili Arkadaşım” (“Goodbye My Dear Friend”) and two poetry books titled “Asmin” and “Asmin 2”.

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