Berko Pharmaceuticals opens the third phase of its production facilities


Berko Pharmaceuticals opens the third phase of its production facilities

Berko Pharmaceuticals, a strong brand in the pharmaceutical industry, which has been manufacturing and working for human health for more than 30 years with the vision of “Healthy Future”, opened the third phase of production facilities in Sultanbeyli on Saturday, November 17th


Berko Pharmaceuticals, one of Turkey’s leading pharmaceutical companies, cut the ribbon for the third phase of its production facilities. With this phase in service, they aim to accelerate the steps of localization in the pharmaceutical sector. The R&D center approved by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, located within the facility, will make a major contribution to national drug mobilization.
The opening ceremony of the third phase of Berko Pharmaceuticals Production Facilities in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul was held with the participation of important names such as Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar, Member of Presidential Health and Food Policy Committee and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İVEK Foundation, Dr Mustafa Kuruca, Former Vice President of SGK and Member of the Board of Trustees of İVEK Foundation, Pharm. Mehmet Domaç, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İVEK Foundation, Cengiz Celayir, Chairman of Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Dr. Hakkı Gürsöz, President of Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Metin Kubilay, Sultanbeyli District Governor.

Call for support for national medicine

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar, a member of the Presidency Health and Food Policy Committee, emphasized that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is very concerned about and supports the pharmaceutical and health sector and he stated “last week, in his speech at the opening ceremony of a university in Ankara, our President emphasized that he cares very much about domestic and national moves related to drugs and medical devices and urged all institutions and universities to support bureaucracy without seeking any excuse. Today, Berko Pharmaceuticals is bringing into service a very important plant in Sultanbeyli. This is an area that will make a serious contribution both to the health sector, to employment and to the export of our country. An important initiative to increase the satisfaction of our citizens in health services. I sincerely congratulate Berat Beran”.

Support should be given to our domestic pharmaceutical industry

Pharm. Berat Beran, Chairman of the Board of Berko Pharmaceuticals who said that domestic pharmaceutical industry should be sustained to improve the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey, stated “I sell products to many countries in the world with my own efforts. I’m going to United States, Canada, and Hong Kong, but this should not be the case. Turkey’s pharmaceutical industry must now set up factories in world countries and in destinations like Africa.”

Today we have a pharmaceutical industry to be proud of

Mr. Beran who said that in Turkey he got very good prices in the domestic industry after 1980 continued, “Our domestic industry really invested that money in the industry. Today we have a pharmaceutical industry to be proud of. For this reason, our state should privilege the industry. They should be aware of, see us. In my life, I’ve done no other work and investment than medicine. All I have, are these three buildings. I don’t have a life according to my own income level. Today my childhood friends, my biggest friends are here. My assistant who used to know me and who fought with me in my pharmacy and his son are here. They’re my biggest friends. They know best what I did suffer, they say to me; “Berat Bey you have finally succeeded”, yes I did, but there is still a long way to go ahead.”

Products to be manufactured at the plant will be exported to the world market

Dr. Hakki Gürsöz, President of Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, who said that the Inaugurated facility will be a significant contribution to pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity in Turkey, stated “Thanks to the products produced here, the share of manufactured products manufactured in our country will increase even more. The products to be produced in this plant will be exported to the world market. This company is an entrepreneur and innovative company. I believe that many new products will come to life here and will be presented here for the benefit of our people. Good luck for us with this plant, which is an important investment both for Turkey and the company”.
With the start of the third phase of the plant, Berko Pharmaceuticals had an annual production capacity of 142 million boxes. Being a strong player in the Turkish pharmaceutical market, Berko Pharmaceuticals exports to 14 countries including the USA and Canada with the vision of becoming a world brand. Thanks to this phase, it aims to increase its production, employment and exports.

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