Berko Pharmaceuticals received the R&D Center Certificate


Berko Pharmaceuticals received the R&D Center Certificate

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Coordinator Serap Odabaşı received the R & D Center certificate at the 7th Technology Development Zones and R & D Centers Award Ceremony held with the participation of Mr. Mustafa Varak, Minister of Industry and Technology.

Berko R&D Center, which was established on the third floor of the Phase III building of Berko Pharmaceutical Production Facilities, was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on July 30, 2018 after a satisfactory inspection process. With this approval, Berko R&D Center became one of the key accredited R&D Centers and Berko Pharmaceuticals became the 31st pharmaceutical company having an accredited R&D Center certificate among 364 local companies serving the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Coordinator Serap Odabaşı stated: “With its planned research and development works, Berko Pharmaceuticals continues its activities rapidly and uninterruptedly to meet the needs of the society, to present different technical approaches, to achieve collaborative and contemporary R & D goals with a rationale of scientific origin. Berko Pharmaceuticals is carrying out 17 self-funded projects and 3 TUBITAK supported projects. The R&D Center consists of 21 people in 4 departments including the analytical, formulation, technical documentation and intellectual property rights units. We aim to take our place in national development by continuing our activities uninterruptedly by recruiting researchers, pharmacists, chemists, engineers, technicians who are competent to carry out research and development activities and through academic collaborations.”

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