Berko Pharmaceuticals Supports “Right to Life – The Wall” Project


Berko Pharmaceuticals Supports “Right to Life – The Wall” Project

Berko Pharmaceuticals is pleased to support a new generation social responsibility project under the name “Animals and Us”. The video of the launching song for the “Animals and Us” exhibition, which aims to be heard throughout the world, has been viewed by an audience of over 1.5 million with the support of Pink Floyd’s lead vocalist Roger Waters.


Berko Pharmaceuticals, aiming to produce projects that contribute to the society with the power of art, is pleased to be a part of the “Animals and Us” exhibition supported by it under this approach, which is the second stage of the “Life and Us” project of IZEV (Istanbul Education and Solidarity Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped).

The launching song to introduce the project to the world was the legendary “Another Brick in The Wall” with the support of Roger Waters. Roger Waters, the lead vocalist of Pink Floyd, granted the rights of the legendary song “Another Brick in the Wall” in the album “The Wall”, launched to the market in 1979, for the first time to IZEV for this project and the lyrics of the song were translated to a different language for the first time in the world. Celebrities such as Selda Bağcan, Funda Arar, Kubat, Koray Avcı and Yavuz Dizdar sang “Right to Life – The Wall” and were also present in the video clip saying “The Wall to the Minds Bound to be Pulled Down”. If the video gets 10M views, the foundation will start to build “IZEV Life Village” for the mentally handicapped individuals.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, being among the supporters of this valuable project aiming to transform all negative perceptions towards children, young and adult “different” individuals defined as “mentally handicaped”, is pleased and proud to support the project from the very beginning.
“Right to Life – The Wall” video on Youtube:

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