Reflecting its “futuristic approach and innovative vision” to their products, Berko Pharmaceuticals today exporting to 16 countries including USA, Canada, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Ukraine, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Balkan Countries.

In other 15 countries waiting for registration process to be completed.

Berko Regulatory Affairs Exports Team is well educated and experienced in Global Registration processes with solution oriented vision.

Innovation is the key to success.

New ideas and amazing products comes with R&D.

In R&D Center, with 26 professionals, refinement studies are meticulously undertaken for every product manufactured in Berko Pharmaceuticals.

Equipped with modern technologies , Berko R&D Center, works successfully and hard on new products, new packing methods and combinations which will assist consumers and health professionals to make life healthier and better.

Berko Pharmaceuticals is also a part of Turquality Brand Development program, the first and the only Global Brand Development program supported by Turkish Government.

With the assistance of Turquality program Berko accelerated promoting own products in Export countries.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility is located in Sultanbeyli, Asian side of İstanbul.

Three phased Manufacturing campus has 20.000 m2 indoors area. All three phases have been designed and constructed in accordance with GMP requirements.

Turkish Health Authority(TİTCK-Regulatory And Supervisory Authority) is registered in ICH and a part of PIC/S countries. As a resut of these facts, Turkish GMP regulated Berko Facility has high quality Manufacturing standards.

Dimensions and designs of facility buildings aim forminimizing errors, allowing efficient maintenance of cleaning, preventing contamination and cross-contamination.

Facility buildings are qualified to meet the parameters which are critical for product quality.

The Quality Assurance system is fully documented and consistently controlled. All units of the system are supported by expert staff as well as appropriate facilities and equipment.

Berko Pharmaceuticals,
Your Best Partner in Turkey…