Pricing and Performance Management

Pricing and Vested Benefit

In our company, wage management is carried out by taking into consideration the internal balances and market conditions and it is revised every year in January. We also regularly participate in wage market surveys to update the opportunities offered to our employees and to structure them more competitively. Determination of the wage of newly hired employees in our company is based on training, experience and competencies as well as the responsibilities required by the task.


Performance Management

With the “Performance Management System”, it is aimed to focus our employees on their targets, strengthening and developing their performances and accordingly awarding employees with superior performance differently from others.

In the evaluation of the personnel of our company; “Performance Scores” based on balanced spread of targets are used. Performance Scores consist of two parts as “Targets and Competency Assessment”. In the targets part, there are goals for the departments and persons falling from the strategic goals of the company, as well as objectives for the projects they are involved in.

The competencies part includes a complete set of information, skills and behaviors exhibited by the employee for his/her work based on the company’s core values. For each employee, areas of competence that are open for improvement in the performance scores of that year are identified and its improvements in this competency are evaluated in the performance scores of that year.