Strategic Balkans Partnership from Berko Pharmaceuticals


Strategic Balkans Partnership from Berko Pharmaceuticals

Berko Pharmaceuticals, a strong brand in the pharmaceutical sector, which continues to produce and work for human health with its vision “for Healthy Tomorrows” for over thirty-five years, has taken the first steps for a new partnership in the Balkans. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which aims to increase its export figures and its global competitive power, has signed a contract with Fufarma of Albania.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which is a 100% domestic capital, serves Turkish medicine and world health with its 127 products, more than 700 employees and 21 thousand square meters of world-class production facilities. With this new partnership in the Balkans, Berko Pharmaceuticals aims to further strengthen its export activities and to establish a common structure in order to bring-in to Turkey. The first steps were taken and the contract was signed for the investment in the production facility planned to be realized with the partnership of Sagen, an initiative of its business partner Fufarma in Albania and Northern Macedonia.

Thanks to the Balkans partnership announced to the public at a press conference, Berko Pharmaceuticals aims in the first stage, to establish an effective business model in the field of registration, sales, marketing, packaging and storage with Sagen, a strong organization in the Balkans and Saber, a joint venture; and in the near future, with its full production process, to deliver its products first to the Balkans and Europe and then to all countries of the world.

Regarding the Balkans partnership, Berko Pharmaceuticals Chairman Pharmacist Berat Beran stated “As Berko Pharmaceuticals, we continue to invest and improve our export operations. Through our partnership with Sagen, we will bring Berko Pharmaceutical products to the world faster. This development will be a common structure, which will bring-in to Turkey, I wish this to be beneficial for Turkey.”
Beran also mentioned the factors that make them prefer Macedonia; “The reason why we prefer Macedonia; Macedonia will enter the European Union in two years. Making this investment now will enable us to open up to Europe. We believe that we will be successful in Europe. Thanks to the geographical location of Turkey, it is possible to reach anywhere in the world. We, as Berko Pharmaceuticals, want to be all over the world.”

Isuf Berberi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fufarma, states that they wish to exist in the region as Berko İlaç ve Fufarma and with this investment, they want to contribute to human health in the region.

Berko Pharmaceuticals is a strong brand in Turkey’s pharmaceutical market and since 2016, it has made a great breakthrough in the field of exports. Within the scope of foreign trade activities, it signed contracts with 41 countries; in 16 of which it is actively engaged in trade and in the remaining 25 countries the registration process is ongoing. Berko Pharmaceuticals exports its products to Georgia, Iraq, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Vietnam, South Korea, Lebanon, Sudan, Dagestan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, notably USA, Canada and Azerbaijan.

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