Support to “Hygienic Game Center” by Berko Pharmaceuticals


Support to “Hygienic Game Center” by Berko Pharmaceuticals

Berko Pharmaceuticals is pleased to support the foundation of the “Hygienic Game Center”. The Get Better with a Smile Association opened the doors of the “Hygienic Game Center” with a special invitation, aiming to provide special services to children who are receiving cancer treatment.


Berko Pharmaceuticals, focusing on contributing to the society with the projects aiming at children, is pleased to support another special project in this context. The opening of the “Hygienic Game Center”, accomplished by the Get Better with a Smile Association, was performed with the participation of the donators, volunteers and supporters in the playground center in Altunizade. The opening was also attended by İlker Ayrık, the face of the association, Pediatrics Oncology and Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Canpolat and Berko Pharmaceuticals Board Of Directors Member and Corporate Communications Director Eylem Beran.

Eylem Beran, with regard to the project said “We are experiencing the pleasure to support this valuable project. A hygienic playground where sick children can play and socialize with a mind at peace, is a unique project that is essential. As already known, morale is the most important part of the treatment in the recovery process. I most sincerely congratulate the Get Better with a Smile Association for this innovative and fine project and for accomplishing it successfully. I wish it brings hope, healing and well-being to children.”

The playground center, that is the first major project of the association, has been put into operation paying regard to the required hygiene conditions in order to provide the playing field required by and to provide support for the socialization of children with their peers between the age of 3 and 10 whose immunity systems are under pressure due to reasons such as cancer treatment and who cannot ever socialize. The playground will be open for service free of charge between 09.00 – 18.00 on weekdays.

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