About Us

Pharmacist Berat Beran, who started to work with the thought "I received education to produce medicine, not to present it" from the first day of his career, first realised his love of production in his pharmacy. Berat Beran, who later continued production with Beran Laboratory, established Berko Pharmaceuticals with this vision and brought many innovative products to Turkish medicine. Today, Berko Pharmaceuticals, which works and produces non-stop for public health with its world-class 21 thousand square metre Manufacturing Site and innovative products, has taken the first steps of its journey to build a healthy future in this way.

Pharm. Berat BERAN
Berko Pharmaceuticals Chairman of the Board

Berko Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1984 by Pharm. Berat Beran, who started his professional life as a pharmacy pharmacist in the 1970s, continues to work for public health and contributes to the sustainable formation of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and the national economy as a domestic manufacturer.

Manufacturing at high quality standards using advanced technologies

Berko Pharmaceuticals has presented 171 innovative products to the service of medicine. At Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility, where advanced technologies are used and production is carried out in accordance with high quality standards (cGMP), competent and trained personnel dedicated to public health work meticulously. Annual production of 90 million boxes is carried out in Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility, which have a total indoor area of 21.000 m2 including Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.

Pioneer in achieving "For Healthy Tomorrows"

Berko Pharmaceuticals, a strong brand in the Turkish pharmaceutical market with nearly 900 dedicated human resources behind its success, is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand. The company actively exports to 23 countries, mainly Iraq, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Qatar and the USA.

A future-oriented, modern and innovative vision powered by its traditions

In 2018, Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, which was entitled to receive an R&D certificate, carries out R&D in advanced technologies with laboratories and infrastructure facilities created with modern and innovative design. Approximately 20 new products projects are developed each year at the Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, which has a scientific, innovative, modern and encouraging research and development environment with an understanding that values quality and people.

Benefit society with sustainable social responsibility projects

Berko Pharmaceuticals carries out projects with many foundations and civil society organisations based on the idea of creating value for society in every field. In addition to the "Berko Children's Theatre" project, a first and unique project in the pharmaceutical industry, implemented with the aim of contributing to the social development of children, Berko Pharmaceuticals contributes to society by establishing playgrounds in hospitals, supporting the needs of village schools and providing scholarships to students in need. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which cares about raising future generations that are both healthy and supported in line with its vision of ” for healthy tomorrows”, continues to create value in society through sustainable projects.