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Berko Pharmaceuticals, which works and produces for public health with the vision of "For Healthy Tomorrows", exports to 23 countries, including Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Ukraine, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and the Balkan countries. Reflecting its "futuristic and innovative vision" to its products, Berko Pharmaceuticals also carries out registration and licensing processes in 10 countries.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Affairs and Export department has a dedicated human resource that is well educated and experienced in licensing and registration processes worldwide with solution-oriented approaches.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Export department, which organised many delegation visits and participated in fairs throughout the year, recently participated in Kenya Medexpo 2022 and CPHI Worldwide Frankfurt 2022. Maintaining active communication with delegations such as İKMİB Uzbekistan Trade Delegation, İKMİB Vietnam and Thailand Trade Delegation that Berko Pharmaceuticals Export department holds face-to-face meetings with the authorities of the relevant countries.

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With exports to 23 countries and developing collaborations, we improve more lives every day…

Innovation is the key to success.

With its laboratories and infrastructure facilities, Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center enables research in advanced technologies and the development of innovative products in accordance with both Turkish and world regulations.

Recognised and registered manufacturing facility at world standards;

Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility, where competent and educated personnel dedicated to public health work meticulously by producing in accordance with the current GMP (good manufacturing practices) rules, has an indoor area of 21,000 m2 and is located in Sultanbeyli on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility, which are registered with the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TMMDA) ICH and one of the PIC/S countries, have high quality production standards inspected by Turkish GMP. Berko Pharmaceuticals has also successfully completed the Azerbaijan GMP, Kenya GMP and Iraq GMP inspections.

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GMP Certificates

  • EU GMP

  • Azerbaijan

  • Kenya

  • Iraq

  • Yemen