Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, which applies and develops new technologies with the vision of “For Healthy Tomorrows”, aims to contribute to public health and the national economy by bringing the products that will create added value to Turkish medicine by working with dedicated human resources.

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, which was approved as an R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey in 2018 has office spaces, laboratories and infrastructure facilities created with a completely modern and innovative design, enabling research in advanced technologies and the development of innovative products in accordance with both Turkish and global regulations.



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Scientific Team

In the R&D Center where advanced technologies are used, dedicated workforce is the guarantee of quality.

Berko R&D Center develops innovative new forms and products with high added value with its research staff of approximately 30 people consisting of pharmacists, chemists and chemical engineers with scientific competence, master's and doctorate degrees, laboratories equipped with up-to-date technology and comprehensive equipment structure.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which has made a name for itself with its products for the acute diseases group and food supplements with its existing facilities and has become a brand with its unique products, continues its activities for the development of innovative products in the chronic diseases market at full speed after receiving R&D Center approval. Combined products and controlled release products aimed at increasing patient compliance and reducing drug side effects are included in the product pipeline of Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center.

Berko R&D Center, which has the ability to develop products in various pharmaceutical forms, has an area of approximately 650 m² with formulation development laboratory, analytical development laboratory, stability cabinets and office areas.

In the accredited R&D Center, innovation is the key to success.

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, which set out with the slogan of "For Healthy Tomorrows ", has a scientific, innovative, modern and encouraging research and development environment with an understanding that values quality and people. An average of 20 projects is developed annually at the Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center. At the Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, which is constantly developing, the know-how acquired in each new product process is transferred to subsequent projects. Thanks to the projects carried out in this way, our R&D Center budget has increased by 300% in the last three years.

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center takes its place in national development.

Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center takes its place in national development by rapidly and uninterruptedly continuing its activities to meet the needs of the society, to reveal different technical approaches, to have a scientific approach, to reach collaborative and contemporary R&D targets through planned research and development studies.