Recruitment And Career Management


The common feature sought in candidates to be recruited by our company is the training, technical knowledge and competencies required by the position, as well as personality traits that are directly proportional to the values of our company.

Our recruitment process, with internship programs, personality inventories, competency interviews, assessment center applications, aims to bring talents that we believe will carry us to the future, to our institution.

It is among the strategies of the Human Resources Department to recruit the right candidate for each position and to support their development.

You can access all positions that you can apply to Berko Pharmaceuticals from the link below and apply online. All recruitment processes are carried out with the principle of complete confidentiality.

Career Management

As Berko Pharmaceuticals, in line with the acceptance that today's employees are the managers of the future, the personnel who meet the criteria determined by their performance and development process are rewarded with a promotion to the position suitable for them.

55% of our managerial staff consists of managers trained from within the organisation. This result is a result of the value and trust given by the organisation to its employees and the culture of Berko Pharmaceuticals. The continuous growth of Berko Pharmaceuticals also facilitates our work as Human Resources in providing these opportunities to our employees.

For new or needed positions within the company, the suitability of internal candidates is evaluated and our own talents are given the opportunity. Back-up plans are created for executive positions and positions of critical importance for the company. Preparation of existing employees for future positions within the framework of Potential and Performance Analyses and Development Plans is among the most important responsibilities of the Human Resources Department.