Corporate Identity

The Story of the Berko Pharmaceuticals Symbol

It all started when Pharmacist Berat Beran opened Beran Pharmacy in 1973. Berat Beran soon added Beran Laboratory to his pharmacy. With its first studies, this organization was like a test tube waiting to be filled in line with the needs of the public, a mortar that promised great potential to the pharmaceutical world. Berat Beran, with his observation and talent, would fill this mortar in the most accurate way and offer it to the service of not only Turkey but also the whole world.…

When the calendars showed 1984, Beran Laboratory was transformed into Berko Pharmaceuticals, and with the production of Berkofiz in 1986, a previously unthought-of need of the health sector, and then Zinco in 1996, this mortar was filled with innovations that made a difference in the pharmaceutical sector. Berko Pharmaceuticals was growing with its innovative discoveries and becoming a symbol of reliability with the authority approvals it received.

By 2008, Berko Pharmaceutical’s first manufacturing facility was in operation, and this mortar, where innovations were blended, was becoming an important value of Turkey in the world of health. Founded in 1973, the journey started with a dream and continued on an international scale.

The story that inspired the Berko Pharmaceuticals logo symbol starts with a dream and continues with Berko Pharmaceutical's current achievements. Our logo symbol represents not only the initials of Berko Pharmaceuticals but also a global success story that makes Turkey proud of.