Remuneration And Performance Management

Remuneration And

In our company, wage management is carried out by taking into account internal balances and market conditions and is reviewed every year in January. As Berko Pharmaceuticals, we regularly participate in salary market researches in order to update the opportunities we offer to our employees and to structure them in a more competitive manner.

In determining the salaries of newly recruited employees in our company, the responsibilities required by the task as well as the training, experience and competences of the person are taken as basis..

Performance Management

With the "Performance Management System", it is aimed to focus our employees on their targets, to strengthen and improve their performances, and accordingly to reward employees with superior performance differently from others.

"Performance Scorecards", which are created based on the balanced distribution of targets, are used in the evaluation of our company's personnel. Performance Scorecards consist of two sections: "Target and Competency Assessments". In the Target section, the targets of the departments and individuals from the company's strategic targets and the targets related to the projects they are involved in are also included in the performance scorecards of our employees.

Competencies, on the other hand, are the set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that the employee exhibits while doing his/her job based on the company's core values. For each employee, areas of competence that are open to improvement are identified in the performance report for the relevant year, and their development in this competence is evaluated in the performance report for the relevant year.