HR Organization

Berko Pharmaceuticals Vision

The vision of Berko Pharmaceuticals is to be an exemplary model in the sector with its qualified workforce, corporate practices and development process that creates value by developing products to serve human health.

Human Resources Mission

To be the most preferred pharmaceutical company in the sector by investing the most in people;

  • To develop best practices that respond to the development and career expectations of our employees
  • To design an efficient, competent and flexible organization
  • Creating a value-based performance culture

To do all this by developing creative and sustainable Human Resources Systems with leaders with a global perspective.

Berko Pharmaceuticals
HR Organization

Berko Pharmaceuticals Human Resources aims to bring qualified human resources to the company in order to achieve the strategic goals and visions of the company, to reveal their potential, to contribute to the sustainability of the success of the company with the systems and innovative practices it aims to develop.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Human Resources believes that the main element of successful companies that will make a difference in innovative, creative and highly competitive conditions is human resources, and that they carry out their practices with this perspective, and with this perspective, it has established its HR strategies on the following 4 main bases.