Key Milestones


In 1973, the foundations of Berko Pharmaceuticals were laid with the opening of Beran Pharmacy in Diyarbakır by Berat Beran.

Developing his business, Pharm. Berat Beran established Beran Laboratory in 1979 and moved Beran Laboratory to Istanbul one year later.


With the rapid growth and development of Beran Laboratory, Berko Pharmaceuticals was established in 1984.

Berko Pharmaceuticals introduced nasal saline drops "which had not been thought of before and which was needed by the health sector, to the use of the health sector under the brand name "Berkofiz".


Zinc element was produced in product form for the first time and introduced to Turkish medicine under the brand name "Zinco".


Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility Phase I started operating after obtaining the production permit.

Berko Pharmaceuticals continued to bring many innovative products, the first and only in the sector, to the service of Turkish medicine at full speed.


Berko Pharmaceuticals developed the spoon form and started to stand out with innovative marketing practices such as the spoon form.


Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility Phase II became operational in 2012.

Berko Pharmaceuticals became the first and only pharmaceutical company with an accredited laboratory approved to analyse food supplements.


Berko Pharmaceuticals has obtained FDA registration for food supplements.


Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility Phase III has been operated


In the same year, Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Center was approved as an R&D Center by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology following a successful audit process.


Berko Pharmaceuticals received EU GMP Certificate