Press Release

Press Release

January 2023

A Berko Pharmaceuticals Tradition: Sign Language Workshop

Based on its vision of "For Healthy Tomorrows", Berko Pharmaceuticals raises awareness and pioneers the society with the social projects it conducts and supports. Berko Pharmaceuticals has once again raised awareness and contributed to young pharmacists with the "Listen to My Hands" sign language workshop, now in its ninth year.

Since 2015, Berko Pharmaceuticals has been providing sign language workshop support to Farmakademi community, one of the student clubs of Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy. Pharmacy students learn basic sign language within the scope of the workshop called "Listen to My Hands". Organized for the seventh time in 2023, the event raises awareness among future pharmacy students.

Berko Pharmaceuticals aims to support the next generation more in social responsibility projects in order to contribute more to the Republic and Healthy Tomorrows in its 100th anniversary. With sign language workshops, pharmacy faculty students, who will open their own pharmacies when they graduate, are provided with basic information about health and medicine to help hearing impaired individuals who will come to their pharmacies. Practical workshops provide the opportunity to get to know the world of hearing-impaired individuals and contribute to public health as well as social awareness.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Board Member Eylem Beran said, "We attach importance to social wealth and future generations with high awareness as much as public health, and we always strive to carry this forward with the projects we realize and support. With sign language workshops, we come together with students and learn sign language practically together. We plan to expand our project and support other universities' pharmacy faculties with basic sign language workshops."