Press Release

Press Release

January 1900

Berko Children's Theater went to the Earthquake Region to give morale.

Berko Pharmaceuticals continues to stand by our country and our citizens who are going through a difficult period with its material and moral support. Berko Children's Theater, which has met with tens of thousands of children so far, this time came together with the children staying in the tent city in the earthquake region.

After the earthquake disaster that shook Turkey in February, Berko Children's Theater went to the region to bring a smile to the faces of the children staying in the tent city in Hatay with the play Iron Girl. Berko Children's Theater staged two plays on the same day in Hatay, as children are the most affected by natural disasters and with the awareness of the importance of even the smallest touch to make children's faces smile and their hopes bloom again. After the plays, Berko Pharmaceuticals employees and the theater team spent time with children and visited tent cities.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Board Member Eylem Beran, who watched the play with the children and shared their joy, said, "Our country unfortunately experienced a great pain in February. Berko Pharmaceuticals took quick action immediately after the earthquake and rushed to the aid of our citizens affected by the earthquake through NGOs, and also sent and continues to send pharmaceutical aid to the region in coordination with Provincial Health Directorates. In these difficult days, we visited the region with our Berko Children's Theater, knowing that there are many children in the region and the importance of their psychological well-being. Our visits to the region will continue with the intention of helping our children to embrace life with hope again and to bring a small smile to their faces, to embrace them with love and to make them feel good. It is very important that the aid intensity in the first weeks of the earthquake does not decrease and that this aid is sustainable. We will overcome this process with the support we will provide as a country."

Deniz Yeşil Mavi, Children's Education Unit Officer of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters, said, "We have been working together since Berko Children's Theater was established in 2015. I am the director and writer of the play Iron Girl. As a private children's theater, we are in Hatay, the earthquake zone. We would like to thank our company for its support to art and children's theater. In addition, we would like to thank IBB Culture and City Theater for their hospitality."