Press Release

Press Release

January 1900

Berko Pharmaceuticals Enters its 40th Anniversary with a Renewal

Approaching its 40th anniversary with its innovative and modern vision, Berko Pharmaceuticals continues to reach all its stakeholders by renewing its corporate promotional film and website.

Drawing strength from its traditions and with its forward-looking face, Berko Pharmaceuticals continues to update and strengthen itself in every field. Renewing its website and corporate promotional film, Berko Pharmaceuticals emphasizes its innovative and modern vision as it enters its 40th anniversary.

Berko Pharmaceuticals’ new website has started to be visited on digital media with a simple, stylish and up-to-date design that expresses modern business life and the way of doing business, fed by its recently renewed corporate identity. The renewed website draws attention with its user-friendly interface as a medium where all stakeholders can access more information and the latest news about Berko Pharmaceuticals. The website can be easily accessed from all electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers.

Berko Pharmaceuticals also filmed its journey to excellence with its product range, growth graph, employment, R&D and export capacity, which increases every year, and presented it to its stakeholders. The corporate promotional film is more than just a video, it is a success story, a document that tells the contribution to national development in all its aspects as a local manufacturer extending from the pharmacy in Diyarbakır to the world.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Board Member Eylem Beran said, "Change is a part of our lives in general. If you want to develop, to be up-to-date, to contribute more to health and society, it has to be so... We went to renew our digital face, which is one of the mirrors of our organization. We refreshed our existing website and corporate promotional film with the norms of now and tomorrow. Our growth rate continues to increase with each passing day and we think we can better explain this growth by renewing. We are taking firm steps forward to our 40th anniversary."