Press Release

Press Release

August 2023

Berko Pharmaceuticals Obtained European GMP Approval

Berko Pharmaceuticals, a strong brand in the Turkish pharmaceutical market and a pioneer in achieving " For Healthy Tomorrows ", took another important step towards becoming a world brand and received the EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate. Thus making an important step towards becoming more effective in global markets with its high quality production standard.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, celebrating 40th anniversary next year, stronger with EU GMP Certificate. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which applied to the Bulgarian Drug Authority (BDA) and successfully completed the audit processes in its production sites in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, received the European GMP Certificate.

Exporting to 23 countries, Berko Pharmaceuticals' obtaining EU-GMP certificate not only enables trade with European Union countries, but also has a reference value for entering all other regulated markets. With the EU GMP Certificate, which Berko Pharmaceuticals has applied for in order to licence and export pharmaceuticals in European Union countries, Berko Pharmaceuticals will increase its export volume, while at the same time providing prestige and price advantage in the global market.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which produces high quality products with original product formulations and shapes, will now be able to export to more countries with its EU GMP certificate. Berko Pharmaceuticals R&D Centerwill continue its R&D activities not only for the Turkish market but also for the European market with its laboratories and infrastructure facilities that enable the research of advanced technological products and the development of innovative products.

Berko Pharmaceuticals General Manager Pharmacist Barış Özyurtlu said, "With this audit process, our company has once again proved that it is capable of developing and licensing generic products for the European Union and other regulated markets and producing products at high pharmaceutical quality standards with GMP requirements. We will now bring our products, which reflect our innovative approach and innovative vision, to the European Union countries with our EU-GMP manufacturing facilities and our Overseas Licensing team experienced in the global market. With the increase in our export capacity, as a domestic manufacturer, we are proud to make an additional contribution to the national economy. I wish it to be beneficial for both our company and our country. I would like to thank all our company managers and employees, especially our Chairman of the Board of Directors Berat Beran, who contributed to the application and audit processes."