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Zinc and Immunity

Zinc is an ion contributing to and supporting many vital mechanisms of our body. Zinc is essential in the formation of zinc-finger proteins, which are required for DNA replication factors. It is included in the structure of signal proteins which are essential for T cell activation and T-B cell interaction. Zinc deficiency can lead to […]

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Strategic Balkans Partnership from Berko Pharmaceuticals

Berko Pharmaceuticals, a strong brand in the pharmaceutical sector, which continues to produce and work for human health with its vision “for Healthy Tomorrows” for over thirty-five years, has taken the first steps for a new partnership in the Balkans. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which aims to increase its export figures and its global competitive power, has […]

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a sterol that is considered to be a hormone since it is listed among the fat-soluble vitamins and can be synthesized endogenously at the same time.

For Healthy Tomorrows