Berko İlaç Visits Newborn Units


Berko İlaç Visits Newborn Units

Berko İlaç, which contributes to community health with its vision of “For Healthy Tomorrows” for more than 30 years, continues to produce projects in the field of social responsibility and to touch people.

Focusing on baby and child health in particular, Berko İlaç visits the newborn units with the project “Welcome Baby“.


Berko İlaç, Yeni Doğan Ünitelerini Ziyaret Ediyor

Berko İlaç, which contributes to the development of infant and child health, visits newborn units in the scope of “Welcome Baby” project to make the special occasions that parents take their babies to their arms more special. Berko İlaç aims at facilitating the first days of the parents with tiny gift boxes during the visit. There are products called Zinco Drop (natural and herbal degasser drops), ACD3 Drop (ACD vitamins) and TonimerLab Single Dose Vial (Sterile isotonic sea water) in the gift boxes which will be the biggest helpers in the first days of the mothers. At the same time, there are Berko İlaç Board Chairman Pharm. Berat Beran’s poem called “Welcome Baby” and a little toy for little babies.

Berko İlaç executives and employees who visit the newborn units of the hospitals share the excitement of the families and aim to make a small contribution to the families with “Welcome Baby” gift boxes. In the project where very emotional and positive moments are experienced, Berko employees are also being motivated to witness the happy moments.

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