Berko Pharmaceuticals Attracts Attention with Spoon Form


Berko Pharmaceuticals Attracts Attention with Spoon Form

Berko Pharmaceuticals, aiming at contributing to community health and attracting attention with its rapid growth graph and innovative products, participated in CPHI İstanbul 2016

In the fair Berko Pharmaceuticals introduced the spoon form and spoon machine for use as the first and the only in Turkey.Berko Pharmaceuticals, Kaşık Formuyla Büyük İlgi Gördü

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which meets with domestic and foreign participants and visitors in CPhI İstanbul 2016, the meeting point of the health and pharmaceutical industry, introduced the spoon form and machine for use as the first and only in Turkey. The “Spoon Machine“, the patented technology of Berko Pharmaceuticals, which comes into prominence with the spoon form and innovative marketing practices it developed, attracted attention of the attendees and the visitors this year as it was last year. The spoon form, which is filled untouched by human hands with high technological machine, is used in products approved by T.R. the Ministry of Health and in food supplements approved by T.R. the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and it has a utility model registration. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which was awarded of “Innovative Packaging Award of the Year” at Altın Havan 2014 with its spoon form, also reveals its innovative aspects in the field of marketing as well as innovative applications in the products.

Coming Together with Foreign Investors

Berko Pharmaceuticals, who came together with foreign investors in CPhI İstanbul 2016, got the opportunity to tell itself and opened the door to new markets. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which has been exporting to 18 countries and has signed an export contract since 2015, continues to negotiate with 20 countries. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which was exporting only to 4 countries in 2014 and increased its export volume by 72% on the basis of TL and exported to 18 countries with a contract in 2015, targets to double its growth in TL and to sign a contract with a total of around 40 countries at the end of 2016.

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