Berko Pharmaceuticals Continues to Grow Rapidly


Berko Pharmaceuticals Continues to Grow Rapidly

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which contributes to human health with the vision of “For Healthy Tomorrows” more than 30 years, increasing its growth chart day by day.
Berko Pharmaceuticals, which is drawing attention with its innovative products, is coming into prominence with its breakthroughs in export and R & D. Berko Pharmaceuticals continues to grow rapidly with its new products for the sector, its continuously expanding qualified staff and its investment in 3rd Phase factories.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Hızla Büyümeye Devam Ediyor

Berko Pharmaceuticals is the fastest growing company in recent years with its 60 products, approximately 550 employees and 2 manufacturing facilities with a total indoor area of 10 thousand square meters. Berko Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facilities, which manufactures high quality products at world class standards, has a manufacturing capacity of 62.3 million boxes per year with 2 shifts.

The construction works of the 3rd manufacturing site, a new investment of Berko Pharmaceuticals, is in progress and it has an indoor area of 11 thousand square meters. Targeted manufacturing capacity of Phase III new manufacturing facility is planned as 50 million boxes per year with 2 shifts. At the same time Berko Pharmaceuticals has contract manufacturing service to the pharmaceutical sector and it is manufacturing for 16 companies at its Production Facilities.


New Projects from R & D Department

Berko Pharmaceuticals focusses on the new product development and extensive projects have been developed and applications made by R & D, business development and licensing departments. 22 current projects are being carried out in the R & D department operating in manufacturing facilities. Berko Pharmaceuticals licensing department has 80 licensed products in total and 60 of which are active in the market and it is carrying out 24 applications which are pending in the license unit of T.R. the Ministry of Health. Business development department is continues to project different and new products with the support of Pharm. Berat Beran.


Market Share Grows Every Year

Berko Pharmaceuticals continues to grow its market share every year and to add new products to its product portfolio. The target of Berko Pharmaceuticals, which had total sales of 19 million boxes and 105.3 million TL in 2015, including domestic sales, exports and contracting manufacturing, is planned to be 22.6 million boxes and 142.7 million TL in 2016.


Big Breakthrough in Export

Berko Pharmaceuticals’ search for foreign markets and activities in this area are actively continuing. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which has been exporting to 18 countries and has signed an export contract since 2015, continues to negotiate with 20 countries. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which was exporting only to 4 countries in 2014 and increased its export volume by 72% on the basis of TL and exported to 18 countries with a contract in 2015, targets to double its growth in TL and to sign a contract with a total of around 40 countries at the end of 2016.


Life and Human Touch with Projects

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which attaches great importance to the issue of social responsibility, touches on the life and humanity with its projects developed from the importance based upon this issue. Focusing on this issue with increasing energy day by day, Berko Pharmaceuticals has realized many projects in recent years. Foremost among these projects are “Berko Children’s Theater” founded for contributing to society and arts and “Pharmacy’s Career Path” projects aimed at contributing to the career development of the students of pharmacy faculty. At the same time, Berko Pharmaceuticals Social Responsibility and Environment Club, founded by the employees of Berko Pharmaceuticals on a volunteer basis, has achieved many activities. These include contributions of clothes, shoes, toys, books, school equipment and hygiene materials etc. to village schools, children with cancer, children with disabilities, rehabilitation centers and societies for the protection of children. Berko Pharmaceuticals has the happiness of giving scholarships to 30 students, 10 of which primary school students and 20 university students.

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