Berko Pharmaceuticals Renewed Its Corporate Brand Guide


Berko Pharmaceuticals Renewed Its Corporate Brand Guide

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which has been working and producing for public health for more than thirty-five years with its vision for healthy tomorrows , has renewed its Corporate Brand Guide. The Corporate Brand Guideline, which emphasizes the future-oriented, modern and innovative vision of Berko Pharmaceuticals, powered by its traditions, was presented to the attention of all its stakeholders and employees.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, which creates value by developing products to serve public health and is an exemplary model in the sector with its qualified manpower, corporate practices and development process, modernized its Corporate Brand Guide by adhering to its vision. Berko Pharmaceuticals, which renews and defines its corporate logo, corporate font and colors as well as all printed-digital materials as a result of intensive work, continues to constantly update and improve itself in its modern business life.

While creating the Corporate Brand Guide, one of the most important sub-components of Berko Pharmaceuticals corporate identity, fed by the corporate philosophy created by Pharmacist Berat Beran, Berko Pharmaceuticals vision for the future was emphasized by adding today’s innovative, modern and constantly developing corporate brand perception to Berko Pharmaceuticals corporate brand perception, which comes from the past, inspires trust and improves public health.

Pharmacist Berat Beran filled the mortar which he had used in his pharmacy and laboratory studies with his efforts and dreams, and this is the first step of Berko Pharmaceuticals and has become the symbolic story of its current logo. Font selection, corporate colors, and identification of all printed-digital materials that reflect the corporate-brand perception that inspires trust and improves public health were included in the guide. Berko navy blue, one of the corporate colors that expresses the principles and business culture adopted by Berko Pharmaceuticals since its establishment, represents the corporate brand of trust, responsibility, durability, success and inspiration, while turquoise, which is one of the auxiliary corporate colors, represents modernity, innovation, continuous development, and the gray color represents support and balance.

Berko Pharmaceuticals Board Member and Corporate Communications Director Eylem Beran made the following statement on the subject: “I believe that institutions should constantly update and develop themselves in modern business life, and I am very happy to have once again emphasized Berko Pharmaceuticals’ innovative, modern and constantly evolving corporate brand perception in our Corporate Brand Guide, which we created based on this motivation.”

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