Organizational Development


Trainings are organized by our Company to contribute to the professional and personal development of our employees and to make their strengths effective. The training that our employees will receive depends on their position, seniority and performance and development needs. In general, our trainings are organized in the following categories.

  • Personal Development Trainings
  • Vocational Technical Trainings
  • Occupational Trainings
  • Certificate Programs
  • Foreign Language Trainings
  • Occupational Health and Safety Trainings
  • Conference and Seminars
  • Online Trainings

In addition, position-based orientation programs for our newly hired employees ensure rapid adaptation of our employees to institution and work.



Talent Management

Berko Pharmaceuticals defines “Talent Management” as follows; it is one of today’s most important human resource functions which covers all human resource functions and which must be carried out in an integrated manner with bringing qualified human resources to the company, discovering its potential, developing and keeping them in-house and backing up for critical positions to reach their strategic goals and visions of companies
Different assessment tools are used to explore different levels of abilities within the organization. In order for an employee to be defined as “talent”, it is necessary to create a difference by revealing his / her potential and to become a role model in the environment. Therefore, our employees who have the high potential, create a difference and add value to the business are defined as talent.

Our employees to be selected for the talent pool are identified by performance evaluation results, potential analysis for each level of position, managerial thinking and competency based evaluation processes and these assessments are conducted regularly on an annual basis

Our employees in the talent pool participate in special training programs in the framework of training needs and career planning. They also benefit from the “Mentoring” application within the framework of development areas and career planning. In career planning process of our employees who entered into the talent pool with “mentoring” application, it is contributed to the development process of our employees at a high level by ensuring to make use of manager’s experience.